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-How Jax & Altar saved planet Erra from the Dracos

 Based on a true story from another reality 

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The Milky Way galaxy is 1 in 500 billion galaxies. Our solar system is one of 400 billion white dots in the picture, Those dots are actually suns that have their own planets. We live on Earth, and Earth is one of 9 planets in our solar system. So let´s do the math. That’s 500 billion galaxies X 400 billion suns x 9 planets = All planets. The universe is so vast that it is impossible to even imagine.

Do you believe there is intelligent life somewhere out there? We are told that the answer is unknown. However, some people have seen flying saucers and others claim to have seen the strange creatures inside the crafts. The most outrageous story, however, is that sincere and highly educated people have met real extraterrestrial beings. This is a story about such an event. I am certain you will enjoy a tale like this, but be sure to read the entire story before you quit! It’s really exciting!



Jax is a 10-year-old kid who lives together with his parents and a slightly annoying 6-year-old sister, just outside Oslo in Norway. Jax loves skateboarding, Playstation, and football! He pretty much spends all his spare time on these activities. Jax is also an adventurer. When he was 4 years old, his parents found him in a tree after being lost for several hours. He said he just wanted a better view of the world. Jax’s school is right down the street, so it’s only a 3-minute walk and a minute on his skateboard.
Jax is in bed and It’s quite late... Usually, he falls asleep quite fast, but tonight he hasn´t been able to because there’s something on his mind. He wishes he had a big brother. Tonight he feels a little bit jealous of his friend who has an older brother to hang out with and that can teach them all the cool stuff His buddies John and Theo both had big brothers, and they had learned so many cool skateboard tricks from them. He was kind of envious of them and it is really keeping him awake this evening.

What´s that flash outside? A green beam of light coming from a flying object outside? He opens the window to get a closer look. What in the world is that?

Jax is curious and he just feels the urge to investigate! He doesn´t care about the late hours and decides to jump out the window and run over there to find out what this strange light is. He jumps out the window and like a cat, he sneaks along the hedge and runs towards the school. In the meantime, his parents are glued to the television and don’t notice anything about what is happening outside.


Jax approaches the bright light. He’s got goosebumps, but he´s not really scared, more excited.

What is that thing? He stares at it from a distance from behind the bushes. It looks like a flying saucer. It could definitely fit a couple of green men with antennas. Jax gets a little  bit anxious. This has to be  the most exciting and scary thing he has ever experienced. Is this visitors from outer space? Maybe he is the first person to ever meet an alien? Suddenly a door opens and he glances a figure exiting out of the door of the craft.


Meanwhile, in a far away star cluster called the Pleiades 



Meanwhile, in a star cluster far far away. 25 light-years from Earth, we find the Pleiades star cluster and a solar system we call Taygeta. From Earth can see Taygeta as a star in the night sky. And there we find the beautiful planet Erra with its is an amazing plant- and wildlife.

Erra has a clean environment and pollution is unknown. I know it´s hard to believe, but there are humans also living on Erra. They all live in harmony with nature, and they are always friendly and helpful to each other. There is no poverty because they found that the best thing was to work together, not always compete with each other. So if someone is in need of something, they will get it from someone who can provide it. Everyone does things they are good at and they do it for others. That way, they trade services instead of money when they need something. A long time ago they were just like we are today. They loved their mobile phones, big TVs, and fancy cars. But eventually, they lost their way, because they forgot about each other. Owning too many things is not good for you, something they learned the hard way. Now they own only the things they really need in order to live a decent life. We could learn a thing or two from our relatives.

Relatives? Yes, even though we have been thought that we descended from apes, there is another theory that implies that the human race originated in an area of our galaxy called Lyra. Apparently, these people lived in peace and harmony for a long time, but one day they were invaded by an evil reptilian race from Alpha Draconis. That first human race was almost wiped out in the terrible Lyran Wars.

Eventually, the humans escaped too many different regions of our galaxy and now have colonies throughout the Milky Way. One of those colonies is Erra in the Pleiades. Sometimes they visit each other and occasionally they stop by earth to check upon us. The Pleiadian people of Erra are our relatives and they really want us to evolve. They believe it is important that we develop a higher consciousness so that technology will not take over and lead us to self-destruction. When we detonated the first atomic bomb, their alarm bells went off and now they have to make sure we do not do anything stupid. Earthlings are seen as an immature and reckless race and filled with so many emotions.


Altar is a 10-year-old boy who lives with his mom and dad on planet Erra. He lives a wonderful life in peace, full of joy and love. Altar is a very wise young man, but also a prankster who loves speed and excitement. He is really good at the popular Erra-sport ”Air-surfing”. It is basically surfing in the air like Silver Surfer, pretty similar to what we would call an adrenalin sport. Every now and then kids get hurt when attempting to break records. Thankfully they have the Med-pods, which is a kind of regeneration tank that will fix the tissue damage in your body. No pain is felt, and it only takes a few hours before you heal back up. Most of the time they pull off the most insane tricks at high speed without any problems.

Altar has everything he could wish for, but deep down he feels he lacks  something. He’s missing someone he had never met before? It may sound strange, but that’s the way it is. Altar often looks up at the stars and fantasizes that one day he will be visited by this mysterious person.

altar surf.png


There is more fun on Erra, like everyone had their own flying saucer. A saucer model Aurora TR3B. That’s why Altar calls the machine ”Aurora”. He could actually talk to Aurora because it had artificial intelligence, almost like a real brain. The more they interacted, the better they could understand each other. Aurora could almost always read Altars intentions  and she was programmed so that only
Altar could use it. What was extra cool about Aurora was that she could hover without using the engine,just activating  a invisble field. Aurora could also travel outside of time and space. She was a lot more than a machine, almost like a family member. In a way, Aurora was a part of Altar. They were very fond of each other and loved hanging out.


It's evening and Altars parents are visiting some friends while he was home learning more about Aurora and how it worked. So much to learn! 

exit erra2 kopi.jpg


It was early in the evening on Erra and Altar was home alone and working on Aurora and getting to know her better. Altar walks around unsuspectingly at home in the garden mumbling a little bit when Aurora reacts to a deep humming sound.


Altar hears it too and wonders where it comes from. Suddenly a dark shadow covers the whole area. A huge object blocks the sun!


What the heck is that??!!  Altar is shocked! The sky was

covered with a huge Draco spaceship! -Is this an invasion, he yelled!? Now there were dozens of them moving slowly across the sky. A cold wind swept across the lands, as the atmosphere got cold and eerie. They came closer, and Aurora decides to activate emergency measures!



The Dracos are a race that resides in the constellation Alpha Draconis. This area is known as a place where the evil aliens races have their base.  Altar had learned about these reptile-like creatures at school. Espesially that everyone should have a healthy respect for the them, because they are dangerous. The Dracos had already invaded and taken over many other planets in the star system Lyra and the Pleiades. They love to scare people because emotions like fear, sadness, hate and sorrow magically makes them stronger. The Dracos were the main enemy of the human race and were regarded by many as the ultimate warrior race. They only wanted to dominate, destroy and enslave humans. They were very large, some up to 4 meters tall and as strong as 10 people. In addition, they were very psychic and knew what others would  do before they did it. They had incredibly advanced technology that they used to invade planets. The only weapon that could defeat them was love and positive energy… They feared love, the thing we appreciate most. That’s how different humans and reptilians are.


Altar’s family had been practicing their telepathic abilities for many years and had become quite good at this. Having telepathic abilities means that one can communicate through the mind. Altar now receives a telepathic message:

Altar begins to cry as the understands the seriousness of the situation. He must escape at once before it is too late! Aurora is prepared and ready for take-off.

He jumps into his UFO and shouts:

-Activate invisibility mode!

Aurora UFO becomes completely
invisible. With the invisibility shield on, they could escape without being seen by the Dracos.

-Start the gravity cancelling engine- Altar commands! GO!

”-Altar our son, Erra has been invaded by the Dracos and we have been captured! Evacuate now! You have a brother among the stars. Find him. Aurora will guide you. Love is the key. Only you can free us .... Contact you soon. We trust you. Mom and dad”

Altar løper 2.png
exit erra.jpg


He jumps into his UFO and straps himself to the chair!
With the invisibility feature on the Aurora, they could escape without being seen by the Dracos.
Altar shouts: Activates invisibility mode. Aurora UFO becomes completely invisible. Start the gravity cancelling propulsion system.


3-2-1 Swooosh!

Off they went into space at an enormous velocity!
Like lightning! He sees the home planet Erra getting smaller and smaller and eventually disappearing into the distance...
Bye bye Erra...

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