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Aurora has taken Altar out into the wastness of space. He looks into an endless darkness in all directions. Here one can really feel the loneliness. Imagine if he never gets to see his parents again, they are captured! And what is this about star brother? He didn't have a brother, did he? And where was he going now? There were many unanswered questions.

Aurora notices that Altar is restless and breaks in:

"Do not be afraid Altar. Via the Cosmic Frequency Web, I have already found out where your brother is, and that's where we're headed. The planet is called Terra 3, the third planet from its sun called SOL. It's far, we need to activate the electromagnetic gravity propulsion system and go through hyper-space!"Plotting:

ufo_over siden.png

Aurora could move from one place to another almost instantaneously. If they were to travel at the speed of light, it would have taken 440 years to travel there. But not in the hyper-space.

Suddenly a flash of light, and the next thing he sees is a planet in the distance that looks a bit like Erra.

-Are we there already, Altar asks?

-Yes, says Aurora.

The planet grows bigger and bigger as they approach and suddenly they are inside the Earth's atmosphere. One would think that the entrance would be harsh, but by adjusting the density of the ship, they pass effortlessly through the clouds, And then a large sound like something hit them!

_ufo_crash kopi.jpg


Oh my...! It shakes and makes a lot of noise! It's hard to hold on. The alarm goes off! babu babu… Aurora says: We have to make an emergency landing! The hyper engine is not working. Brakes unstable! 


Aurora is working hard to gain control. They plunge down at a furious velocity! Fortunately, Aurora manages to steer towards an open area. The invisibility shield does not work either!

- Hold on tight! Breaks on! This may be a hard landing, says Aurora! Just before they are about to crash, Aurora manages to steer them down carefully.

 There they were, finally safe on the ground! 

Jax was okay. But where are they? And what kind of condition was Aurora in? 

Aurora says: My hyper drive is out of order. We are stuck on earth until further notice. Traveling locally on earth is still possible. Over and out, says Aurora

Now, let's check what Jax is up to.

Jax had jumped out the window because he was so curious about what was shining so brightly on the school grounds.


He sneaks out carefully and hides behind a bush just 15 meters away from the UFO. Suddenly he feels very brave and starts walking towards the UFO. The door is about to open and...

ufolanding kopi.jpg


From the strange craft, exits a dazed young boy in a blue suit. What? A Human being? Wondering if he is Scandinavian, Jax ponders.

They stear at each other for a minute. Shouldn't he be saying something? Jax is still mesmerized by his eyes and suddenly it's as if he is talking to him, but through his mind.

They actually look quite similar to each other, but the hair is different. Altar's long blonde hair he thinks looks weird, but also pretty cool actually.

"I am Altar from planet Erra. Don't be afraid. I just need help finding my starbrother here on Earth"

That's the strangest sensation... What a strange way to talk to someone. through thoughts? How is hat possible? Jax thinks. 

But Mom and Dad have taught him to always help people in need, so he walks towards Altar.

-Hey, my name is Jax, I can help you, he says.

They are now only a few meters apart. Jax smiles and extends his hand to greet. But he doesn't get any response back. Maybe they don't greet as we do...  Both are a little surprised and taken by the situation.


Altar holds his hand to his chest and closes his eyes. The UFO becomes invisible again.

-Oi, cool! It became invisible! says Jax!


Altar sends a new message through his mind, and this time he tells what has happened on his planet and that he must find his brother in the stars. Furthermore, Altar tells him why Aurora brought him here to earth. He tells about the invasion and the escape. He claims there are humans in many other places in the universe, and that they are all related to each other. Jax can hardly believe what he is now learning. Is he dreaming? Is this real? Humans elsewhere in the universe? Jax did not even know that there was life on other planets. Jax becomes quiet and doesn't quite know how to react to this information.

So are you tired? Do you sleep at night the way we do? Altar nods and smiles.

But Altar, you can sleep in my room. I have a guest bed. Come on! Then he gives a hand signal that they are going home.

house kopi.jpg

On the way back, Jax is thinking about what Altar can do? He can communicate through his mind, but does he have any other superpowers? Altar immediately sends a message over.
-I can read your mind, so it's impossible for you to lie to me. I can also see in the dark, and my hearing is exceptional.

-Cool, says Jax a little cautiously. He was actually a little jealous of Altar. 
They sneak back in the window so that the parents do not hear anything. Before going to bed, they agree to continue in the morning. They need rest now, both of them.

Imagine having a space boy to stay overnight, does Jax think? And that was exactly what he was, a space boy, not an alien.

Before Jax falls asleep, he thinks that he might be the brother he is looking for… They looked quite similar. Maybe they are even twins? Hope so,  Altar is awesome and can probably teach him stuff that no one else can! I want a brother like that.

The next morning Jax jumps out of bed! Its Saturday. A day full of possibilities and plans. 
But where is Altar? There is no one in the guest bed. Did he dream everything? He can hear his mum and dad downstairs in the kitchen. Could Altar be there too? He runs downstairs. But no, he ain't there either. Oh my, was it just a dream?

-Morning guys!  Listen! You know what? I had such a strange dream, Jax says.

-MMM... mumbles Dad and takes a sip of his coffee.

-Yes I dreamed that I met a boy from another planet. He is actually looking for his brother here on earth, says Jax. Dad is in his own bubble, as usual. It's really better if I just keep it to myself and walks over to the window. There's someone down there in the field. An there are some weird symbols there to. He brings out the binoculars!

Altar and Aurora are already in place to investigate the symbols. Then it was no dream! Jax quickly grabs his jacket and runs out the door and down to the field


"It's a message from my parents" Altar shouts!

Wait a minute, can Altar speak now all of a sudden? 
Altar ... When did you learn to speak?  Jax asks!
Sorry, I have been able to do it all the time, I just wanted to test you, he says and smiles.

Jax smiles back and gives him the knuckle. Aurora sent me a telepathic overview picture so I can decode this crop circle easier, says Altar.

He enthusiastically tells us that crop circles are messages sent through the cosmic internet displayed as beautiful patterns in the field. But the people manage never to understand what they really mean. But Altar does, and now he starts decoding the message.


The message says


"Erra's war is not won with weapons. Love is the key (10,000 souls). A lot of pain here, but still hope. Star brothers find answers. Search. GIZAPYRAMIDE RAYS NOW - Conduit closing"


-It means I'm your star brother then! I just knew it! exclaims Jax!
-But what does it really mean to be star brothers?
-It means that we have lived many previous lives together on other planets, -Altar explains.
-But have we lived before?
-Yes we have lived a lot of lives before and in different places.
 At least my parents say so, but I do not remember any of it.
Jax has noticed the symbol that Altar has on his chest.
It has started to change color inside in between.
This emblem is called the "Pleiadian Heart", says Altar. Everyone who wears this
comes from the Pleiades. The emblem has turned white now because we have found each other
and it responds to my feelings from the heart. When I'm happy it turns white, and
black when I'm sad.
Jax extends his hand, he wants to touch the mark. It seems like it sparkles extra when he touches it.
-Is the symbol magical?
-No, everything you call magical is just science for us. He smiles. Magic does not really exist.

Can you help me save Erra? Please Jax!
You can be the key to saving the entire planet and my parents!
Jax suddenly feels very special, says with a big smile:
-Yes, of course buddy! I love adventure, and guess adventures with you are awsome!
Altar smiles, clenching his fist to give a knuckle.


The crop circle talked about GIZA, maybe we should take a trip to Egypt? What do you think Altar?
Yes that was what I was going to say! You know, Jax, that pyramids are so much more than a place where pharaohs are buried. They were built together with some extraterrestrial races many thousands of years ago. The used technology you do not have today. Technology that can lift stones weighing over 70 tons. I'm going to tell you a secret. They used anti-gravity technology. You can make everything float if you use it, says Altar and smiles wisely.

Awsome! Jax sighs!

Pyramids also have some other secret capabilloties, some of which in a way enhance us. To know how to save Erra we must start with the pyramids and we must go right away! says Altar! They start walking towards Aurora!

entering UFO kopi.jpg

-The Pyramids of Egypt next! I know you're gonna dig this! says Altar

Jax grabs a hold of something, but strangely enough, it feels no gravity forces even though they quickly accelerate to over 37,000 km / h - The trip only takes a few minutes.

-The Pyramids of Egypt next! I know you're gonna dig this! says Altar

Jax grabs a hold of something, but strangely enough, it feels no gravity forces even though they quickly accelerate to over 37,000 km / h - The trip only takes a few minutes.

-Aurora can read our roofs, it is actually part of us! Then we don't need to manage or do anything at all. You don't have to do anything to start, Aurora reads our thoughts and takes us wherever we want anyway. Light as a speck! - says Altar. Jax isn't quite on board... -Now I'm going to show you! The Pyramids of Egypt next stop! I know you're going to love this! says Altar. 
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