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Hi! My name is Haakon. Ever since I was a young boy, I have always been fascinated by science fiction and other mysterious phenomena. I would step out of the real world and into a kind of wonderworld where everything was possible. There is something about entering a world you wished existed. When I was a in my mid-twenties, a friend would tell me about an UFO encounter he hadexperienced and since that day I have been hooked on the idea of extra-terrestrials and UFOs. Who are they, and where do they come from? Later I have been fortunate enough to experience the UFO phenomenon several times myself, and when you have seen a UFO with your own eyes, many questions arise. So, I decided to explore a bit. Some of the stories of UFOs and alien encounters are more exciting than the wildest adventures you have ever heard. If only one single story is true, one must ask who or what are inside these spaceships and what do they really want? Why are they allowing us to see them? I am happy to see that young people are more open to new reality concepts, and I am confident that they will finally find the answers. Perhaps more advanced species can be our friends and can teach us to correct the course we are on. I believe we still have a lot to learn!


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